How could the Lib Dems do a deal with the Tories? The Guardian

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I'm well aware some UK Lib Dems are way to the right of the Tories. Those at Centre Forum - the source of their so called Orange Book - clearly are. And as unattractive as anything the Tories have to offer with it.

Thankfully though Nick Clegg - although a contributor to that odious report - seems to be ignoring all that is right wing in the party. As the Guardian has noted of his speech at the weekend:

yesterday's four "fairness" points all pointed left, in the direction of a less unequal society: a more progressive tax system; more money for education; a greener, fairer economy in which bankers know their place; and, of course, constitutional steam-cleaning.

None of these come near the Tory agenda.

How could they ever do a deal with them?