30 years of ‘Market knows best’ have damaged fairness

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30 years of ‘Market knows best’ have damaged fairness | ToUChstone blog: A public policy blog from the TUC.

Brendan Barber says on the TUC blog:

The final report of the National Equalities Panel (NEP), “An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK” is out today — you can download the full thing or exec summary from the Government Equalities Office website. It’s an exceptional piece of work, describing in graphic detail just how unfair and unequal our society has become thanks to ‘market knows best’ policies.

The super-rich and powerful have a vested interest in closing down any debate about inequality by talking of the ‘politics of envy’ or ‘core vote strategies’. But inequality damages the economy and society for the vast majority of the population. Politicians of every party must now meet the challenge set by this devastating analysis.

Time and again the politics of envy are seen on this blog - delivered by the right.

They don't realise we aren't envious. We want equality because it makes everyone better off - rich and poor alike.

This is about building better societies - and that's a long, long way from the politics of envy. It's time for the right to realise this.