Misinformation on the ‘exodus’ from the Torygraph

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Taxing the rich is causing exodus - Telegraph.

Heaven knows how the Telegraph came to publish this drivel:

The number of directors of British companies who have registered in the Channel Island tax havens of Jersey and Guernsey, along with the Isle of Man has risen by almost 500 in the past 12 months.

The British Virgin Islands, a popular tax haven in the Caribbean, has seen an 18 per cent rise on a year ago.

Those who are leaving what they see as the mainland’s punitive tax rates include highly paid bankers and hedge fund mangers along with entrepreneurs running luxury travel companies, healthcare, property firms and call centres.

The three Crown Dependencies now boast 6,729 company directors and the British Virgin Islands, a British overseas territory, 615.

Some PR agency paid for by some City body clearly thought this "proof" that people are leaving. This shows a) the depths they are reaching and b) how little they know about offshore but the last thing it proves is c) that this story is based wholly on misinformation.