Is Zac Goldsmith working for Labour?

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'Unethical' Sun has harmed Tories, says Zac Goldsmith | News & Politics | News & Comment | The First Post.

From the First Post:

If you didn't know any better, you might assume Zac Goldsmith, environmentalist son of the late Sir James Goldsmith and - until this week, anyway - one of David Cameron's bright hopes for the future of the Conservative party, was working secretly for the Labour Party.

Zac, the prospective Tory candidate for Richmond Park in the upcoming general election, is already causing problems for Cameron after it became public knowledge that the young millionaire is taking advantage of non-dom tax status.

Now, just when you might have expected young Zac to retreat to the shadows and let the chit-chat over his fortune go away, he has instead grabbed the opportunity of a London lecture to say the currently unthinkable: that the backing of the Sun newspaper [a Murdoch tabloid and the best selling newspaper in the UK for non UK readers - Ed] has harmed the Tories.

Zac's sacrilegious remarks came as he talked about the Sun's recent treatment of Gordon Brown over the issue of the wrongly spelt letter the PM wrote to the grieving mother of a soldier who died on duty in Afghanistan.

"[My] heart went out to Gordon Brown," said Goldsmith, "and I was repulsed by the Sun and I thought 'My God, I did not want this newspaper to be backing my campaign.' It is immoral and unethical and wrong. The Conservative party by default got caught up by this which is a shame."

A spokesman for Cameron, asked for a comment yesterday, said rather shortly: "Zac is a candidate, not a frontbencher. He does not have influence over policy."

And never will do, if he goes on like this.

Cut down, of course, but very good.

Labour (or is it Green?) entryism into Tory ranks: now there's an idea!