The Swiss and Minarets: this is secrecy jurisdiction culture

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Europe unites to deplore Swiss ban on minarets - Times Online .

The Swiss and European establishment united today in deploring yesterday's decision by Swiss voters to outlaw the construction of minarets but conservative leaders warned that the referendum showed genuine fear over Islam on the continent.

Swiss officials, media and business leaders voiced shame over a vote that they say will stigmatise the country's 400,000 Muslims and stain Switzerland's name in the Muslim world. In contrast, hard right leaders in France, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands hailed what they depicted as a triumph for the people against the elite.

The hard right and a secrecy jurisdiction acting in concert: no surprise there.

Secrecy jurisdictions are captured states that are used to promote the hard right.

There will be howls of protest - but let's be clear. Apart from this very obvious abuse of the human rights of Moslems who should be allowed to worship as they please, secrecy jurisdictions do something much more sinister: they deliberately ensure that what little wealth the poorest of the world might be entitled to in the world's developing countries is systematically transferred to the world's wealthiest countries for the benefit of the wealthiest in those wealthiest countries.

This is an abuse as bad as slavery.

And the right say that this is about liberty. No it isn't: it is only about abuse. There is no other explanation.

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