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More good news in Hines report » Business » This Is Guernsey.

It's been reported by the Guernsey press that:

A report acknowledging the contribution of offshore centres is yet more good news for the island, says GuernseyFinance chief executive Peter Niven.

This is the STEP report on which I commented last week. Amazingly Peter Niven thinks the two support each other, saying:

This interestingly ties in with the Tax Justice Network’s recently published research on opacity in the world’s finance centres, where top of the list was the US state of Delaware — used by many companies and individuals as it has one of the laxest regulatory regimes in the world and if it were anywhere else but in the US it would have been shut down years ago.

This video explains just how far apart we are:

Guernsey must be seriously lacking in analytical ability of they can link TJN and STEP.

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