Conservatives back Cayman

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A sure sign of the Tories attitude to Cayman and other tax havens is revealed in news from Cayman yesterday:

A Conservative government would immediately rebuild the UK’s relationship with the Cayman Islands and Britain’s other overseas territories. This was the welcome news conveyed to Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush at a meeting in London on Tuesday organised by Cayman Finance.

A delegation of influential Conservative MPs led by former Chief Whip David Maclean met the Premier, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) chairman George McCarthy and Cayman Finance chairman Anthony Travers in the Shadow Cabinet room.

The Conservative MPs collectively assured Bush that he would see a transformation in attitude with a Conservative government, with one MP even stating that the current administration was merely jealous of the Cayman Islands tax regime, noting that tax competition was both desirable and healthy.

It was unanimously agreed that the current UK government does not appreciate or understand the value of the Cayman Islands or the other overseas territories and that a “more grown-up” attitude was required.

Maclean’s closing remarks echoed those of his colleagues, calling for the UK to get back to the previous relationship they had with the Cayman Islands - one of friendship and mutual respect and an appreciation of the vital role Cayman plays in the global financial markets.

Which is unsurprising. John Maples MP β€” responsible for Tory candidate selection did once upon a time give his name to a firm of lawyers β€” Maples & Calder β€” the occupiers of the notorious Ugland House in Cayman. Maples is predicted fro high office in a Tory government.

So that’s all right then. The money will, once again, be flowing as freely as the champagne around Cayman.

At cost to the rest of us.

And most especially the world’s poor.

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