BBC admits errors in TaxPayers’ Alliance reporting

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The Other TaxPayers' Alliance | BBC admits errors in TaxPayers’ Alliance reporting.

In a recent post we asked who would be the first journalist to quote the TaxPayers’ Alliance and its “partners” — the Drivers’ Alliance and Big Brother Watch — in the same story?

The bad news is that the BBC almost won the accolade, scoring two out of three for its report, “Drivers ‘losing out’ to railways”. The good news is that an Other TPA member complained and received the following reply from BBC News Interactive UK Editor Pat Heery:

“I accept your point that we should have picked up on the link between the two alliances we quoted in our story. But, while the Taxpayers Alliance can be accused of many things, this was a legitimate report, carrying a rebuttal from another voice.

“I do not think that all Taxpayers Alliance stories have to be balanced by comments from The Other Taxpayers Alliance. However I have asked staff to avoid reporting stories which are generated solely by the Taxpayers Alliance and, where we do quote them, that we supply some context as to who they are.”

That is progress! Well done The Other TaxPayers' Alliance

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