A commitment to progressive taxation

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Gordon Brown's Labour conference speech in full | Politics | guardian.co.uk .

On this one Brown hit the right buttons:

For there are only two options on tax and spending — and only one of them benefits Britain's hard-working majority.

One is reducing the deficit by cutting front line public services — the conservative approach.

The other is getting the deficit down while maintaining and indeed improving front line public services — the Labour approach.

So we will raise tax at the very top, cut costs, have realistic public sector pay settlements, make savings we know we can and in 2011 raise National Insurance by half a percent and that will ensure that each and every year we protect and improve Britain's frontline services.

Some of those are weak commtiments but the clear mesage is progressive taxation remains on the agenda. as it should be. And that spending will be protected in many areas. As it also should be. Not least because spending is the only way to get out of this recession.