Jersey lawyers ‘costliest in world’

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Island lawyers ‘costliest in world’ ¬ª News ¬ª This Is Jersey.

HOURLY rates charged by Jersey lawyers are ‘the most expensive on the planet’, according to a survey published this week.

On average, the rates levied by Jersey firms — with partners charged between £475 and £525 an hour — made them more costly than those of top City of London firms, says the survey.

There has, of course, been the standard Jersey rebuttal, but let's ignore that because evidence, as we know, is something Jersey has serious problems with, and let's instead consider this established fact.

Why is it that Jersey lawyers are the most expensive in the world? What is their added value when,by definition, nothing happens in Jersey? That, after all, is the nature of offshore.

Could it be that this is the price for 'turning a blind eye'? Exercising what Senator Carl Levin calls the 'MEGO principle' (my eyes glaze over)?

Or is it less subtle than that? Is this the fee you have to charge to live with a bad conscience?