Dan Mitchell has his back to the wall

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CF&P Strategic Memorandum, September 9. 2009.

Dan Mitchell runs the Center for Freedom and Prosperity

I admire some things about Dan. His enthusiasm for saying how business works when he has never run one. His dedication, however misplaced. His weird presenting style which always amuses me.

But he has his back to the wall:

This has not been a good year for supporters of tax competition, fiscal sovereignty, and financial privacy. The election of a pro-tax ideologue in the United States substantially strengthened the forces pushing for a global tax cartel. All jurisdictions have now been bullied into agreeing that privacy laws no longer should protect foreign investors. This weakens tax competition, but the real issue now is whether this liberalizing process will be completely eradicated. The OECD's campaign against "tax avoidance" should be a wake-up call.

For Dan it is: for all it's faults (and it has many) the OECD is telling the world we're moving in the right direction. And Dan is losing. Sanity will, eventually, prevail.

So you might have to get a real job Dan. And that might be really painful. Reality doesn't work the way your models says it does.