Where are they now?

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The USA has now charged four foreign nationals, three from Switzerland and one Liechtenstein with crimes related to tax evasion in the USA

Mario Staggl, a Liechtenstein citizen and resident who owns and operates a Liechtenstein trust company, New Haven Trust Co. Ltd.. He was indicted in 2008 with Bradley Birkenfeld for conspiring to defraud the United States by assisting Igor Olenicoff, an American billionaire, evade income taxes on approximately $200 million of assets hidden in Swiss and Liechtenstein bank accounts.

Raoul Weil, a UBS AG official, was indicted November 6, 2008, on a charge of conspiring to help 20,000 wealthy Americans hide assets from the Internal Revenue Service. He was declared a fugitive by a US judge in January 2009.

Hansruedi Schumacher, a former UBS banker, and Matthias Rickenbach, a Swiss lawyer with the firm Rickenbach and Partner, were indicted August 19, 2009, for conspiring to defraud the US government "in the collection of federal income. taxes."

So, what is the US doing to bring them to justice? Not a lot it seems. None of their names appear on Interpol's list of individuals wanted by the US.

In that case what are Switzerland and Liechtenstein doing to help?

And where are they now? Does anyone know. And does the US Department of Justice really care?

Come on guys: it’s lawyers behind bars time; please get on with it.