How to confess – or not, as the case may be

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HMRC’s Latest Attack of Offshore Arrangements - LexisNexis .

The deadline for making disclosures under HMRC’s New Disclosure Opportunity is now upon us. If a disclosure is not successfully made by 31 March 2010, your clients won’t benefit from the fixed 10% penalty.

You may also need to advise clients who decided not to use the offshore disclosure facility in its first instance. HMRC has once again indicated it fully intends to pursue these people and that this will be their last opportunity to disclose. You need to consider how to minimise their tax liability and reduce the likelihood of an enquiry.

This breakfast briefing, hosted by leading experts will give practical guidance on successfully making disclosures and explain the steps to take for those outside the facility.

All for the very reasonable sum of £194.35, VAT inclusive.

Which is a bargain compared to what the Revenue might expect.

Curious that you may act for people who decide not to confess by the way: square that with your money laundering reporting obligations please......