Jealousy is not an issue

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As mentioned, I did the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 today on the proposed High Pay Commission.

My opponent waded straight in with the comment that we’re all just jealous.

I find this such cheap debating material. First, he’s never met me, so how does he know my circumstance, or motivation? Second, how can he project that on a whole group of people — most of them quite successful?

In my case I am well aware this is wholly untrue. By any standard I can think of I am well off. For someone who like me, although no longer a Quaker still has strong affection for its testimony to simplicity, the notion of jealousy of bankers or high paid people whose position I’d never want — and with whose abuse in many cases (as I define it) to secure such pay I could never live — is absolutely absurd.

So what does such a cheap jibe say? It says these people only understand  cash — but know the value of nothing.

Thankfully that’s an insight that’s possible only when free of the constraint that cash imposes (whether from having too  much or too little) — but that’s why we want the poorest in our communities to have that right — a right very often denied to them right now by the richest who refuse to pay their way.