Darling gets it wrong

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BBC NEWS | Business | Darling dismisses pay commission.

I blogged the call for a High Pay Commission earlier today.

I did the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 and some BBC local radio on it.

And now Alastair Darling says:

generally, I think that pay agreements ought to be reached by employers and employees meeting together.

Wrong answer Alastair: the case for regualting the employer / employee relationship was made when the minimum wage was set. Now we've found more abuse the precedent for intervention has been made.

You can't say, as he did:

I do think that government has a role in trying to stop undesirable practices, such as excessive risk-taking through bonus payments in the banking system where we all stand to lose if that goes wrong

and then deny that massive pay differentials have much the same corrosive effect, because they do.

Is there any left wing fire left in these people?

Even common sense come to that?