Ireland: a lesson in continual failure

Posted on / Europe - Resignations hit Irish government majority.

Ireland got into its current staggering mess by promoting a banking model that has for all practical purposes failed and an economy built on the myth of economic activity which was just a giant tax scam.

The model that got it into the mess has failed.

Now it's pionerring the deep cuts model of getting out of the mess. And that's failing too:

The Irish government may have to rely on the vote of the speaker to secure key legislation after two backbench members of the populist Fianna F?°il party resigned the whip in a dispute over health cuts.

The resignations of Jimmy Devins, a former junior health minister, and Eamon Scanlon represent the first sign of backbench unease over budget cuts as Dublin seeks to stabilise public finances and rescue the stricken economy.

Mr‚ÄâCowen‚Äâon Thursday made clear he expected both parliamentarians to vote with the government on key issues, saying he hoped “in the current economic circumstances they will be in a position to continue to support the government”.

However, Mr Devins said he would “look at every vote on its merits”.

The closure of breast cancer facilities in his Sligo constituency, which took place on Wednesday, has been a hot local issue for more than a year. Some campaigners against the health cuts dismissed the politicians’ moves as an attempt to protect their seats should a general election be called before 2011.

Nonetheless the defections are further evidence of the faltering discipline inside Fianna F?°il.

That's not faltering discipline: that's profound disquiet with the new prescription from the failed neo-liberal economic model that puts all the pain of the failure onto Irish people and perpetuates the corporate tax abuse that undermines Europe's tax system and fails to deliver thereturn the Irish people should expect from capital.

The same will happen here when the Tories try to cut: it just won't be possible because people won't have it, even if they're conned into voting for it.

Have no doubt: politically we're in for a rough ride and the Left will win in the end - because people want what only the state can provide.