Now for an objective report on tax haven abuse

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The UK government when seeking an assessment of the problems tax havens cause asked the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation to do the work. They got a biased, inaccurate and ill-informed report for their money, with the authors failing to disclose their considerable conflicts of interest — not least that they are funded by some of the companies who are amongst the heaviest users of such places.

The US have done a similar job. It was published in July. Entitled ‘Tax Havens: International Tax Avoidance and Evasion’ by Jane G. Gravelle, Senior Specialist in Economic Policy, you can read a review of this by the Tax Justice Network here.

Amazing what a little objectivity adds to the findings in a report. Oxford dismissed the issue. Not so the US.

Now why was that I wonder? Nothing to do with those conflicts of interest, surely?