Eva Joly MEP

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I’m delighted for my friend Eva Joly: she has been elected a Green MEP in France.

As the Guardian reports:

What's left of French politics this morning? The Greens, undoubtedly. With three charismatic leaders: Danny the Red, the Franco-German MEP, whose straight talk and sense of humour have always endeared him to the French; Jos?© Bov?©, the rebel French farmer who went to prison for his actions against McDonald's and GM plants; and Eva Joly, the Norwegian-French former investigative magistrate whose anti-corruption ruthlessness during the Elf affair owed her many death threats. This very European trio with guts and a green agenda appealed to the French voters.

The socialists collapsed in France: the Greens caught them up.

This may be the tide to come.

But I’m delighted for Eva: she has the will power to do a lot of good, to weave that narrative of which i shove written, to excite minds.

And she is dedicated to tax justice.