We are responsible, as the T & Cs proves

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The Observer has noted:

Britain is preparing to suspend the constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands as a long-awaited inquiry is expected to find evidence that the country has been plagued by endemic corruption.

In what threatens to become an unedifying row over the scope of the government's obligations to its Commonwealth territories, the Observer has established that the Foreign Office has already prepared a statutory instrument giving parliament the power in effect to hand control of the Caribbean islands to the UK-appointed governor.

The tales of corruption seem real enough.

What’s significant here is the fact that the UK is so confident it can take over.

I am absolutely confident it can.

I am equally confident it could in the Crown Dependencies and Isle of Man.

But let’s be clear: that means that the corruption that their tax systems promote takes place with UK consent.

And as the House of Commons International Development Committee said recently, that too has to stop.

PS. What is incredible s the recent work of Paul Sagar: he shows here that this debacle was foreseen 40 years ago.