How would the Conservatives manage tax?

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I have read some of the Arculus Report issued by the Tories, particularly with regard to tax.

It is a repeat of their oft repeated mantra: don;t tax mobile capital or it will go away. Let’s re-write that another way: don’t tax the investment income of the rich, put all tax burdens on working people. Much of it comes straight out of the flat-taxers manual. George Osborne has clearly not got over that stage of his development as yet. And they’re still setting up Ireland as a paragon of virtue. The logic that if everyone steals there is nothing left to steal appears to have passed them by.

But there are also some classic comments in there which shows how little those who wrote it knew about tax. I like this one best:

Tax issues can be opened retrospectively.

Seriously: they think that is a problem. So only clairvoyants need apply for jobs with HM Revenue & Customs in future. You have been warned.