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From the Telegraph of India:

If the BJP is voted to power, it could come out with an amnesty scheme to force tax dodgers to bring back the billions of dollars they have stashed away in Swiss banks and other tax havens around the world.

Gurumurthy [of the BJP] said the task force [it planned] would try and determine how much money had been spirited abroad.

He said Raymond Baker, a researcher on corruption and money laundering, had estimated that about $137 billion had been taken out of India between 2002 and 2006.

A study conducted by Baker’s organisation, Global Financial Integrity, and sponsored by the Ford Foundation reckoned that $27.3 billion was sucked out of the country every year.

“The task force is in touch with Raymond Baker and we are trying to work with him,” Gurumurthy said.

Fantastic. This is exactly why the Tax Justice Network and Global Financial Integrity are working together on this project. We want money to get back to the people who need it.