Jersey has its head in the sand

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The Jersey Evening Post has reported the Maunday Thursday letter from Gordon Brown to Jersey premier Terry le Sueur.

As the paper notes:

In a strongly worded letter that was sent to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur at the end of last week, Mr Brown told the Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man that their place on the G20 ‚Äòwhite list’ did not mean that they were out of the woods.

And it added:

A personal letter from a UK Prime Minister to Jersey’s States is unusual in itself, but Mr Brown’s challenge that if ‚Äògenuine progress’ was not made he would bring the matter back to the G20 for more discussions will not have made comfortable reading for Jersey’s Chief Minister.

Their postcript?

However, Senator Le Sueur did not seem fazed by the letter. He described it as ‚Äòfairly non-committal’.

I think he's sleep walking off a cliff.