Deconstructing Mike

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Mike Warburton of Grant Thornton is a regular sparring partner of mine.

I note was quoted in the article on Panama I referred to earlier today. That said:

Mike Warburton, senior tax partner at Grant Thornton, said that they would prompt concern that individuals intent on evading tax might simply move their money.

“People intent on illegally evading their taxes will move their money to places prepared to take it,” he said.

Let’s just consider what Mike actually means. What he’s saying is that there’s no point in tackling tax evasion because people can always move their cash to do it somewhere else. The corollary, and no doubt what he means is ‚Äòso let’s let them carry on doing it wherever they want’. I don’t see another possible interpretation.

Grant Thornton are, of course, a major supplier of tax haven services. They even have an operation in Panama. Squeaky clean, no doubt, but did you declare your interest in this issue as a result before commenting Mike as professional ethics might require you to do?

And did you say you benefit from the perpetuation of tax haven abuse Mike to make sure no one could have any doubt about your position?

Somehow I doubt it.

So much for the ‚Äòobjectiveness’ of the profession’s chosen commentators.

PS Grant Thornton fund George Osborne’s private office. Another reason why the Tories don’t favour tax haven reform, maybe?