Tax justice – define, find, count, tax, reallocate, report

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It has occurred to me that there are six stages in the process of creating Tax Justice. They are:


It’s vital we agree what the tax base is. This has to facilitate progressive taxation and the promotion of better use of resources within society.


If you can’t locate what is to be taxed there’s no point saying you’ll tax it, hence the attack on tax havens.


If we can’t quantify the tax base we can’t tax it — hence the demand for country by country reporting.


Working out the right rates of tax, the inter-relationship between them and how they deliver the essential revenue raising, repricing and redistributive qualities of a just tax system is vital


The resulting revenues must be spent efficiently and to best social effect


Governments must be accountable for what they do with tax revenues or the democratic principle fails.

That’s it, in a nutshell.