Jersey does do tax evasion

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I was interested in this comment on the blog:

As a recent resident of Guernsey and somebody involved in setting up a trust in Jersey I can say that both jurisdictions are active centres of tax evasion.

They do this through the use of "fictitious" companies under changed ( local law not UK )trust law allowing the roles of the person who establishes the trust and the beneficiary of the trust to be the same person. They even allow the administrator ( whom is really the beneficiary -again through the "fake company device" to manage the trust.

This is a total breach of the trust principles that the UK operates under to allow these offshore tax havens to run.

These companies then have minutes produced for AGM's that never took place and fake meetings that are typed up by the Trust companies and held as evidence against audit. I was involved with this it is fact .

It is fraud and tax evasion against the UK by islands whom claim to be British and yet do even allow British people the right of residence . Time to redress this injustice and stop them bleeding our income.

The email address suggests the comment does originate as suggested.

The law referred to is detailed here.

The evidence (copies of emails) showing that Jersey knows this law is abusive is here

Everything Jersey says about not wanting tax evading business is untrue – as recently as 2006 it set out to pass law to attract it.

That is why it is a secrecy jurisdiction.