The Swiss lose the plot

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Reuters have reported that:

A war of words between Switzerland and Germany over banking secrecy escalated when a Swiss member of parliament compared German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck to the Nazis.

"He reminds me of the generation of Germans from 60 years ago who went through the streets wearing leather coats, boots and (Nazi) arm-bands," Thomas Mueller said to gasps in a heated Swiss parliament debate on banking secrecy.

Mueller, a member of the centre-right Christian People's Party that is part of the Swiss coalition government, said Steinbrueck's behaviour recalled the image of the "ugly German".

The debate was called after Switzerland, the world's biggest offshore centre, offered to relax strict bank secrecy as part of a global crackdown on tax havens led by Germany.

This is not funny.

It is a reminder of just how hard and dirty some will fight to maintain the sort of abuse tat Switzerland permits. Andh