My bookmarks for March 9th through March 10th

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These are my links for March 9th through March 10th:

  • Tax Justice Network: The FT thinks tax havens are a diversion - TJN demolishes the FT's arguments
  • / Companies / Banks - Barclays warned on toxic asset dumping - As it notes:"Barclays was warned on Monday that its balance sheet would be subject to forensic Treasury examination if it decided to dump toxic assets on the taxpayer, amid signs that the bank could face a higher-than-expected bill for using the government’s asset insurance scheme."

    I like that.

    Bring it on, as I think some say

  • / Companies - FBI in search for Stanford ‚Äòvictims’ - As they note:"The agency is seeking information from anyone who invested in either Stanford Financial Group or its affiliated companies – Stanford Capital Management, the Stanford Group Company, the Stanford International Bank, the Stanford Trust Company, and the Bank of Antigua."

    Now I wonder they're having problems with the victims coming forward? Could it be that they don't want to admit their own offshore fraud?

  • The greasy pole | AccMan - The problems of Generation Y auditors
  • Hurricane Obama hits offshore tax havens - The Daily Mail features tax havensAnd says "While it is easy for politicians to bash offshore tax havens, obtaining an international agreement on a crackdown will be far from straightforward."

    Some spots can't quite bring themselves to change even though the Daily Mail readers suffer badly as a result of tax haven activity

    And they might call the STHAA 'draconian' but don't doubt it - it can be delivered