If Brown wants to tackle secrecy he’d better start at home

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It is notable that the Guardian thinks that Gordon Brown is targeting Switzerland as he opens up his own tax haven agenda.

However, if he thinks that Switzerland is the source of all secrecy then he had better think again. As the Swiss, quite correctly, point out it is at least as easy to create banking secrecy in the UK as it is in Switzerland. Simply combine a company, with nominee shareholders, nominee directors and a nominee secretary training from a post office box address, with a trust managed by professional trustees who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and you have created a wall of secrecy that is a lot more impenetrable than most things that Switzerland has to offer.

And you don't believe me that UK companies of this sort are available? You can get this package here:

Deluxe Package: a Private Company Limited by Shares in England or Wales. The registered office address, nominee director and nominee secretary for 12 months, provided by Coddan and £20.00 government fee for incorporation is included in the price of this package. The following documents, will be posted to you upon formation of your company: two hard bound copies of corporate documents includes: a laminated copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of your company, a hard bound copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, a hard bound copy of the Minutes of the First Meeting of Directors, share certificates, your company register. Pre-signed, undated resignation letter from Nominee Director, General Power of Attorney signed by Nominees, Indemnity Letter for General Power of Attorney and the Agreement for the provision of nominee service and indemnification of nominees. You can order additional services via the online order form at the same time as you order your company formation. Annual renewal fees for the registered office address, nominee director and for the nominee secretary services are from £224.95 - this will be due 12 months after the registration date of the company and will continue yearly thereafter.

For £224.95 you can hide away in the UK.

Gordon: the problem starts at home. And that's where the reform has to happen as well.