It’s time for the profession to engage

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It occurred to me that it was extraordinary that last weekend a major UK national newspaper called for reform of the international accounting system. And the accounting profession has completely ignored that fact.

The Guardian called for country by country reporting.

And what did the Big 4, the ICAEW, the UK Accounting Standards Board or the International Accounting Standards Board say in response to this call from a national paper that reflects serious concern in the community? Not a word. Nothing.

Can the profession really afford to hold the public in such contempt now? Can the profession continue to ignore the role it has played in creating the mess we're in for much longer?

I suspect it thinks it can.

I suspect it's wrong.

It's time for the profession to smell the coffee. It's time for us to go to them if they won't come to us.

Either way, change has to happen.

Any response anyone?