Word reaches me that there’s just one problem left for global economic reform

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Rumours are coming back from the G7 meeting at the weekend. Well placed rumours.

These suggest there is just one obstacle left in the path of global economic reform. One country alone that is saying 'no' to all the necessary changes to create transparency, enhance regulation, crack open the tax havens and ensure that there is international cooperation to build a better future.

Yes, you've guessed it; it's the UK.

Staggering isn't it? Brown and his team are so wedded to finance that they alone are still putting its needs above those of the rest of us on this planet.

It comes to something when I have to ask myself if the Tories could be this bad.

It's sad that I have to conclude that the likely answer to that is 'yes'.

This is the UK's current gift to the world: London, the last bastion of the Washington consensus.