My bookmarks for February 11th

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These are my links for February 11th:

  • Tyngewick Gawcott: What shall it profit a company if it loses its reputation? - £1.6 billion, it seems, in the case of Barclays
  • Tax ruling 'will be ignored' - Third Sector - The Government will fight a European Court of Justice ruling requiring it to provide tax relief on charitable donations made across national borders, tax experts have predicted.

    The ruling, in the case of Hein Persche, a German donor who gave EUR18,000 (£16,000) to a Portuguese charity, suggested that any EU taxpayer donating to a foreign charity should receive the same tax relief as they would on a domestic donation.

    David Hadley, a senior tax manager at accountancy firm Kingston Smith, said British tax authorities had a history of ignoring European rulings they did not agree with.

    "I suspect they will say this is a German case and does not affect the UK," he said. "They will try to ignore it. I believe a lot of European governments will try to resist this definition."