KPMG want the UK to be a tax haven

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KPMG has published its latest survey on the UK's tax competitiveness.

It's message is clear: it says the UK is slipping behind.

But look who it compares us to:

Let's be blunt: Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are all small states who are tax havens. It's an impossible business model for the UK to emulate. It's also like asking us to move in the direction of Iceland. This is, to be blunt, economic madness.

Sue Bonney of KPMG says in the report that:

At a time when both the state and business are having to work closely in an unprecedented way to help us through the credit crunch, perhaps the feeling that we are all in this together will lead to increased mutual understanding and a better working relationship in the future.

She quite clearly does not understand the term "we".

Alex Cobham of Christian Aid does (see earlier today).

We don't want to be a tax haven. We know the harm they cause. We suffer the impact. KPMG may not. We do. That's my point. That's why they are so wrong. That's why they're the last people to help reform the tax system, economy or anything else right now.