One of the best comments on the Inauguration

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This comes from the Royal Gazette in Bermuda and has to be one of the best comments on the inauguration I have read:

The inauguration of President Obama was everything it had promised to be. These must be awful times to be a redneck: a skinny black guy as President, a brainy Jewish chief of staff and a feisty female Secretary of State. Imagine! There was only one moment of horror for the rest of us. It came when, right in the middle of the whole thing, Dianne Feinstein invited the audience to greet a singer. For a brief, awful moment, I thought it was going to be Bono, who is, when all is said and done, the true leader of the free world.

Then I remembered that Bono is now famous mostly for hiding his earnings in an offshore tax haven, so it was unlikely he would be part of the celebrations. Americans have gone off tax havens, even though it is US dollars that are most often hidden in them. Plus, the appalling Irish bighead is not American, although that hadn't stopped him prancing about on the Mall at the concert a couple of days before the inauguration.

I am amused.