Past a million

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Looking at my site stats last evening I realised that even using the most cautious measure of reads these have now passed one million since this blog started in June 2006.

These only reached 600,000 last May, after 23 months. So that's 400,000 in eight months since then.

And if I believed total hits on the site that figure since May would exceed one million by itself - but I think that includes a lot of spam so I ignore that data and opt for what I think more reliable measures.

Either way - as someone who, as you may have noticed, likes to write, it's gratifying to know that some of this stuff is read.

For the curious, the most popular themes have been:

1) Liechtenstein

2) Tescos

3) PWC - and especially their Total Tax Contribution

4) Bono

5) Northern Rock

None are very recent - which shows another characteristic of the site that is now very apparent - which is the significant daily readership of older stories. Almost 500 entries have been read in the last two days.

When someone asks if blogging is worthwhile - my answer is yes. And this is the evidence.