My bookmarks for January 16th

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These are my links for January 16th:

  • / Companies - Citi expected to show loss of at least $6bn - "The calm before the storm. That is how one Citigroup executives described the mood within the company ahead of Friday’s fourth-quarter results that are expected to show a loss of between $6bn and $10bn and provide details of its planned break-up.

    Unfortunately for Citi, the markets were anything but calm on Thursday, hammering its shares on deepening fears that the government will have to come to the rescue of the troubled financial group less than two months after a $300bn bail-out.

    Any further government intervention would bring Citi a step closer to nationalisation."

    Banking as we know it is dead

  • / Companies / Banks - Dublin nationalises Anglo Irish Bank - I have no doubt the Irish are now out of their depth

    They will in turn need an EU bail out - just give it time

    And the condition must be a simple one - stop stealing other people's profits

  • U.K. & Ireland: British Tax Haven’s Safety, Secrecy Face Brown, Obama Challenge - "To remain a finance center, Christensen said Bell will have to prove that what’s good for the Isle of Man is also good for the world."

    It's a test they can't pass