Osborne: a man of poor judgement?

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It does look increasingly likely that someone inside the Treasury is trying to sabotage Labour's work.

We have seen documents incorrectly posted to the net.

It is obvious that significant information about the PBR was leaked, and it does not seem by the government.

But think back a little further. How was it that George Osborne knew so much about the Labour Party's plan for inheritance tax in October 2007? And how come he knew so much about its plan to change the domicile rule? Was he really so clever at the Tory party conference in 2007? Or was he just acting on a leak?

Maybe everything Labour said back then was right: they really were planning changes to the domicile rule, in a way remarkably similar to that George Osborne announced. My allegation is simple: he could do that precisely because he used their logic.

I think that possible.

If so I think it reprehensible.

I spend a lot of time in meetings with politicians, government officials and others. Most often there is no reference made to these meetings on this blog, or anywhere else. They are undertaken on the basis of a relationship of trust; trust that the information that is shared cannot pass into the public domain at that time if effective decision-making is to take place.

If as I suspect the Tories are breaching that relationship of trust they prove themselves unfit for government. Osborne has already proven his poor judgement. Is this just another example of his inability to make sound choices?