Jersey swings left

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Jersey had an election yesterday.

As the Jersey Evening Post has reported:

THE Jersey Democratic Alliance scored the biggest success for party politics in 60 years as voters also put their faith in youth and newcomers in yesterday's elections for Deputies.

It means that the JDA, which campaigned on an anti-GST platform, will have the biggest States presence of any party since the Jersey Progressive Party's landslide in 1948.

In all, there will be 12 new Deputies when the new States convene on 8 December, with the overall balance shifting in favour of the unofficial opposition to the policies of the outgoing Council of Ministers.

The result is likely to rekindle the hopes of those who have campaigned against the introduction of a goods and services tax.

The JDA grouping is expected to receive the support of a new unofficial faction headed by Senator-elect Alan Breckon, the chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council and the man who was instrumental in organising the anti-GST position. Another of his supporters is Deputy-elect Vallois.

It's a good day for Jersey. The realists are arriving on the scene.

Well done to all involved.

But I stress, none are aligned to the Tax Justcie Network.