Holding our tax havens to account

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The Pre Budget report press pack says:

The Pre-Budget Report today announces a review into the long-term opportunities and challenges for the UK's crown dependencies and overseas territories as offshore financial centres. The review will enable the UK Government and Governments in the territories to take a considered look at the position of the UK's offshore financial centres in the global economy. The review will cover financial supervision and transparency; fiscal arrangements; financial crisis management and resolution arrangements; and international cooperation.The review will not consider changes to the UK's constitutional relationship. Interim conclusions will be produced for Budget 2009, with fuller conclusions later in the year.

I draw attention to Creating Turmoil: we will have a lot to say.

Whatever Jersey and its friends say they are in deep trouble and cause even more and we need to make sure the government understands why. And we need to demonstrate exactly why this is a source of new revenue for him just when he needs it.