Bono the Artful Tax Dodger

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U2 may have missed out on being named Best Act Ever at last week's MTV awards but Bono now has another title to make up for it: Most Artful Tax Dodger. The veteran rocker has been pocketing the tax due on his huge personal fortune. A poll by New Internationalist magazine released today gave him top place. His prize for the title? The global justice magazine have sent him a packet of Jammy Dodger biscuits.

David Ransom, co-editor of the magazine, commented: 'Despite Bono's posturing on global justice it seems he would Do Anything to dodge paying the tax he owes. This is just one example of a global system that allows the rich to skip paying tax whilst the rest of us pick up the bill. With the economy in meltdown our readers have shown they think the time is ripe for an end to this injustice. That would be a truly Beautiful Day.'

Estimates suggest that the world?s wealthiest individuals dodge over $250 billion dollars each year in tax. This far exceeds what the UN has asked for its millennium project to tackle global poverty - a cause Bono has been so closely linked to.

The runners-up in the poll were Tesco, Rupert Murdoch and the Queen.