Just in case you’re in Westminster next Tuesday

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As the debate on staving off recession moves on to tax, the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) will be holding a public meeting on 'Closing the Tax Gap' in committee room 5, House of Commons, Tuesday 18 November 3pm - 5pm.

Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary will be joined by Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network and author of the TUC report, 'The Missing Billions - The UK Tax Gap' as well as, Simon McRae from War on Want. John McDonnell MP, chair of the PCS parliamentary group, will be chairing the meeting.

In February of this year, the TUC issued its report 'The Missing Billions - The UK Tax Gap' in which a series of recommendations were made for a fairer more progressive tax system. Among these recommendations was that the current staff cuts in HMRC, which will total 25,000 by 2011, needs to be halted.

This meeting looks to further the debate about how these missing billions could be re-claimed and could be used to fund public services and to help stabilise the UK economy. We believe that a fair and progressive tax system which is properly resourced and administered is essential to tackle poverty and to build a more equitable society.