Does Obama pose a threat to the Isle of Man?

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I note a report that says:

Isle of Man Treasury Minister Allan Bell has sounded a note of warning about new US president Barack Obama's intentions towards offshore banking centres. Commenting on the election result, he said:

I am sure this is a major improvement on what we have lived with for the past eight years, but - and it's a big but - he has been very focused on closing down what he sees as offshore financial centres or tax havens. He has not differentiated between well-regulated jurisdictions like the Isle of Man and rogue ones that should be closed down.

There's good reason Mr Bell. Not one person in the US Senate thinks you are well regulated. Perhaps you have not read Carl Levin's report of August 2006. But they have. And they know how badly it portrayed the Isle of Man.

Expect no favours Mr Bell. I do not expect any to be given.