Accountants – part of the problem or part of the solution

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PricewaterhouseCoopers gave a presentation using the above title at the conference I was at in Oslo last week.

I won't tell you most of what they said: Chatham House rules applied.

I will tell you what I told them. I said that in my opinion they weren't part of the problem - they designed the problem, spread its contagion through the range of secrecy jurisdiction offices through which they operate (all of the significant and most of the minor ones - well over 40 in all) and continue to infect the world with the dual curse of tax abuse and regulatory degradation which has resulted in the near collapse of most of the world's banks.

Rather oddly the senior manager the partners in Oslo sent to defend their case agreed. I think it's fair to note that: they were there to promote their cause. I don't think they did.

Edited 30-10-08