Not in a month of Sunday’s

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You couldn't make this up in a month of Sunday's.

Lloyds TSB is using tax payer's money to buy a share in Porterbrook Leasing. Porterbrook still makes most of its money from leasing trains it bought from British Rail for next to nothing to our privatised rail network, which is one reason why fares are so high. Porterbrook has been owned by Abbey National for many years. Abbey is now owned by Santander of Spain, saviour of failed UK banks Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley. But now Santander looks to be in some trouble too. So a nationalised UK bank is buying back Porterbrook, only not for us, you'll understand. They're using UK taxpayer's money to secure the long term benefit for Lloyds TSB shareholders.

And it's still the same train on the 8.42 from Epsom to Waterloo.

The madness of PFI is apparent to everyone but Gordon Brown.

Bring bank bonds.