The Right is already in action

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In my last blog I mentioned some of the issues those wanting to close tax havens must take into account if this intent is to turn into reality. I mentioned that the last attempt to do so was at least in part stopped in its tracks by action from American right wing think tanks, who are intensely secretive about their sources of funding but who are almost certainly in the pockets of offshore governments and banks.

Some are already fighting back. Bob Bauman of the Sovereign Society had this to say this morning - having tilted against TJN yesterday:

A few days ago the representatives from 18 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) met in Paris and announced their plan to draw up yet another phony "black list" of international tax havens.

These far Leftists finally came out and admitted their true intent -- the list will cite "those countries unwilling to cooperate with international investigators looking for companies and individuals who avoid paying taxes on their incomes by depositing their money in offshore bank accounts."

Forget past pious OECD claims of "unfair tax competition" -- it's always been about collecting high taxes.

Note the language: the OECD is 'far left': it is the organisation of the largest capitalist supporting governments in the world.

Note the last point, that their offence is that the aim of this objective is to collect tax. But let's be clear, what they're actually defending here is tax not paid as a result of criminal activity. This time we have to be blunt: the Right wing is acting as advocate for criminal activity; nothing more or less.