The abuse of charity

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I have been sent an email promoting the Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit, about which it is said:

A new era for philanthropy has emerged. Your client's needs are more sophisticated and their demands are becoming ever more complicated. The move towards structured giving and social investing means that you need to keep abreast of the latest thinking, vehicles, obstacles and planning techniques so that you are able to offer the highest quality advice.

Leading experts from the industry will guide you through the biggest issues and concerns in the philanthropy arena, including:
• The future of philanthropy - what's next?
• Why move into social investing?
• Tax Planning for cross border philanthropy
• The impact of charitable giving on a family and succession
• How important is performance measurement to your client?

Who should attend? This is an essential event for all advisers to HNWI's including, private client lawyers, accountants, private bankers, IFAIFA's and Family Offices. Charities and not-for profit organisations would also benefit from attending.

The list of speakers is drawn from many of the firms promoting tax avoidance in the UK. Some are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners which blatantly promotes tax haven activity. So, let's be clear: this has nothing to do with philanthropy unless it's of Fagin's sort: "Charities fine, subscribe to mine". This conference has everything to do with tax avoidance and denial of the resources to the State to ensure it can support those in need. In summary, this is about the abuse of society as we know it. I find that sickening, especially at this moment.