Warburton misses the point again

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I was wrong about there being no possible objectors to the idea promoted by the TUC that those earning £200,000 a year should pay 40% tax on all their income and receive no allowances. I have already found one.

It's Mike Warburton, of course: he whose firm funds George Osborne's office. He told the Mail on Sunday:

'The very wealthy may leave the country or ensure that more income is paid outside the UK'

That's what you said about domicile as well Mike. You even said it on Radio 4 in debate with me. But you were wrong then: you're wrong now.

Now address the issues I've raised. What don't you like about this? Is it the simplification it brings, or the better targeted use of government resources, or the fact it cracks down on tax abuse, or maybe the fact it helps close the wealth gap? What precisely don't you like Mike? Why not let us know rather than replaying a very worn out record?

Or is it you're just playing politics, rather badly?