Jersey heading for independent deep water

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The Independent has reported that:

The Island of Jersey is preparing a referendum on independence amid fears that the Government will accept European Union demands to end its low-tax status.

This is true: the ground work for their leaving the umbrella of UK protection has been laid. The article in question just happens to have been written eight years ago, but nothing has changed.

It's clear the the ruling Junta are still thinking the same way though. They should be cautious: one third of the adult population signed a petition against GST only a year ago. GST is the price local people are paying in Jersey for the privilege of hosting a tax haven. That price will increase. That is inevitable. Jersey is going broke. I have shown why that is also inevitable. Put simply,if any country forgoes at least 20% of its revenue, had no plan to cut its expenditure and no clue how to fill the gap bar heavily taxing its own people then it is in deep trouble.

It's not the time for Jersey to call for Independence. They're going to need all the help they can get, and soon.