File on Four: Profits before poverty

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I expect to find File of 4 on Tuesday 15 July very interesting. The trailer says:

Profits before poverty?

In 1948, the post-war Labour Government set up the Colonial Development Corporation, a tax-payers' fund to promote industry and agriculture in the poorest parts of the Empire.

Sixty years on, today's Labour Government denies suggestions that it wants to privatise the agency. However its critics say the CDC is increasingly concerned with making profits rather than relieving poverty.

File On 4's Gerry Northam also investigates claims that the public purse has been short changed.

Now, I admit, I have contributed to this programme, and have a bias as a result, but it's much more than that: this company is an indication of the government's attitude to what is important, and it seems to be saying the corporation is more important than people. That's profoundly worrying.

Listen on BBC Radio 4 8pm tomorrow.