Tackling tax havens through art

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This evening there is a private view for a new exhibition of art in Jersey. Some is from my friend and local activist Pat Lucas. More is from a nun, Sister Peter. The theme of the exhibition is Jersey, Island of Beauty and Contradictions.

Pat's works emphasise this with regard to the tax haven status of the island, and the official view of that role.

Take this one:

I think the message is clear: Jersey remains under occupation, but this time by the financial services industry.

And consider this:

This is the door of the Catholic church at which Pat Lucas and Sister Peter worship: a church in denial about what is happening in the island, not least because States Finance Minister Terry le Sueur also worships there.

The words are apt:

£40 billion - tax lost to the developing countries each year as a result of tax avoidance by the rich and multinationals

Jersey is a tax haven - What's the Church's response?

Tax lost to the UK each year £25 billion - same reason

It takes courage to challenge the establishment of the island in which you live in this way. It takes courage to challenge your own church in this way. Pat and Sister Peter do not lack for courage.

Sale proceeds from the exhibition go to fund the Sister's work in Africa. I wish them many red dots!