All you need is love

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I've 'borrowed' the title of this blog from Francine McKenna, a great blogger in the States who writes on auditing and governance related issues. She used it on 13 June in a blog she wrote in response to a comment left on her site.

The commentator said:

You are a bitch.

You claim to be one of us but all you do is talk shit.

And Francine then proceeds to demolish the argument with more patience, style and wit than many of us could ever muster.

This sort of thing is commonplace on blogs like Francine's, and I've lost count of what I've been called here in comments blocked from view. It's depressing. And a bit like road rage. But worst, it seems to suggest that the Right (this stuff seems almost always to come from the Right) has no argument on these issues. It just gets angry.

That's not just depressing. That's worrying. It's a road we'd rather not travel.

But I think Francine will live with that concern. So will I, and others. The right to speak freely is worth preserving by using it.